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Visited: 7th June 2008Avenue Angling Sign - Norwich Fishing Tackle Shop
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Avenue Angling has to be one of my favourite tackle shops of all time, even though it can be a little intimidating for the new-comer! Located in an end terrace corner location in the suburban ‘Golden Triangle’ of Norwich, you could be forgiven for not expecting to find such a shop in such a spot. This can make locating parking spot a tricky. But do persevere, as a real angling treat is in store – forgive my pun!

The premises are not huge, but what it lacks in space, it makes up for in stock. It is jam packed from floor to ceiling, literally, of the very latest and best in fishing tackle. I would defy anyone from finding what they wanted for the serious and pleasure coarse angler, as it really does have the lot. However, it is not just the choice of gear on offer that makes it so good, but the atmosphere.

Avenue Angling Front Door - Norwich Fishing Tackle ShopNo matter what time of day I have visited Avenue Angling it has always got people in there. Either buying tackle or apparently just passing the time. There is even a small drinks dispenser and you might think it was more of a pub than a shop! It is also generally quite noisy and due to its size this is not really a shoppers paradise of wide aisles and trolleys! But, if you want to dive into gear up to your elbows and generally rummage around I imagine you could find things even the owners are not not aware of.

Generally now I don’t bother browsing, I just ask. They are always more than willing to spend time helping you out, or locating the one item amongst thousands that they can spot straight away. Also the advice is very real and honest and they are not just out to sell you the most expensive item. For example I needed a new ‘small’ landing net as my last one in three years had dissolved. On asking for help I was taken out the back, and asked some helpful questions to get me to the suitable one. This even included being encouraged to take the cheaper option that did not have the word ‘Carp’ written on the label, as I would save myself a pound.

This is a brilliant fishing tackle shop, a real experience and reminds me of corners shops from an era long gone. If you have not tried I heartily recomend that you do so, you won’t regret it!

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