Norfolk Fishing: coarse, sea and fly angling

Ringland Lakes - Pike - 2004

Norfolk Fishing Life is my personal journal, website or blog to use the modern term, on all things to do with fishing in Norfolk. It is intended to be a place to share my thoughts, views, experiences and adventures as I return back to a ‘fishing life’ after a break of over three years from the banks. (It might even be considered advice and guides to fishing in Norfolk, but I shall leave that for you to decide!)

I also intend to provide detailed reviews of venues that I fish at, in preference to simply providing an unknown list of venues. This will also apply to tackle shops in Norfolk. These reviews will form a kind of ‘venue’ and ‘tackle shop’ critique.

Why create the site?
I am returning to fishing after a 3 year break and thought it was time to catch-up on the local coarse fishing scene online. I was frustrated and disappointed by the number of fishing websites, bulletin boards and ‘link pages’ that offered no real value to me as the visitor, only value to the site owners in terms of advertising revenue. I wanted to find a real website about real Norfolk anglers and their experience of angling in Norfolk venues. Alas, I struggled to find one – so I started my own.

I don’t expect the reviews section of the site to grow quickly, as I only want to review venues I have fished at, this will also be true of Norfolk Tackle Shops. I am a busy father of 3, have a hectic job and also a Elder and Managing Trustee of Wymondham Baptist Church. But what’s the rush, I am in no hurry. This site is about me recording things as they happen, and is much for my own enjoyment and future generations of Angling Hannant’s, as it is for those who visit it.

Maybe in years to come it will be a comprehensive guide to fishing in Norfolk, a lovely aspiration, but not a purpose set in stone that will mark the success or failure of the site. As they say, it is more about the journey than arriving.

I hope you derive some pleasure from reading my Norfolk fishing blog, and maybe inspired to return to fishing in Norfolk as a result of it. I would love to hear from you if you have any views or comments, please see the Contact Norfolk Fishing Life page for more details.

Tight lines!